About Edelcell

Building on years of experience in the skincare industry, we understand a favourable environment is needed for optimum skill cell metabolism in the deeper dermal layers. Working with our partner dermatologists and ISO 22716, GMP certified manufacturers, we set out to create Skin Cell Engineering Products that are unique to the market.

Founded in 2017, Edelcell is a rigorously science-driven skin care brand empowering women to be their own skin care experts. Edelcell exists to celebrate women’s strength and beauty, creating experiences where knowledge, beauty and science come together to bring about transformation from inside out.

Edelcell’s Philosophy:

Our unique skin care formulations emphasize low-molecular sized serums that penetrate the skin into the deeper skin matrix where it can enhance the natural metabolism of skin cells, meanwhile strengthening the epidermal defense barrier.

Effective formulations combine state of the art science with naturally derived extracts, sourced from prestigious European manufacturers, fusing the best of what science and nature can offer.

Edelcell’s Promises:

1. We incorporate premium active ingredients used by luxury skin care brands.

2. Our partner dermatologists and biochemists select ingredients based on rigorous clinical trials; we strive to achieve the most ideal synergy between ingredients through long periods of lab tests

3. We don’t focus simply on superficial skin repair, we aim to heal and promote the living matrix of the skin, the dermis layer.

4. We are anti-aging-focused but our products are multi-tasking formulations where various skin benefits are reaped from one bottle.

5. All formulated in Switzerland with an emphasis on stem cell of florals, peptides, glacier water and essential vitamins